In the 150 years of its existence as a company Marklin has developed from a small factory for tin toys to a producer of high quality model trains known around the world. Today, Marklin is the world leader for all important gauges in the model railroad market. No other manufacturer offers the possibility of adding to existing layouts and collections over the course of many years and of expanding systematically.

Euro Model Trains is the largest Marklin dealer in New York/New Jersey area and we stock entire Marklin product line. Visit our showroom or purchase online - you will receive the same great service and the price that can't be beat!

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Märklin New Items 2024!

Experience fascinating models in H0, 1 and Z scale from Märklin again this year.

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Marklin 39700 Taiga Diesel Special

AC Models for Marklin

Discover fantastic models from Roco, PIKO and others that feel right at home on Marklin digital layout!

All of these AC models come equipped with Marklin compatible digital decoder. PIKO and HAG models feature MFX decoder for automatic registration, while Roco models take just few minutes to manually register. TIP: All Marklin compatible digital models have digital address set to 3. As a free service we will change the address prior to shipping to whatever value you request.    

Building Marklin Railroad - New Video Series!

Marklin 1 Gauge Fall 2021!