Welcome to Märklin!

The guide for beginners and returners

people who were once able to experience the magic of a Märklin model railroad keep this experience in their memories.

All beginnings are - not so difficult! Would you like to relive your old hobby? Perhaps you still have a large number of earlier Märklin products and are wondering if you can still use them all? With our guide, (re)getting started is no problem. In addition, we have lots of advice and tricks for expansion and digitization.

Tip: With YouTube series We build a model railroad, you get all the essential info on getting started again and the digital world. Also check out a huge selection of track plans for beginner layouts.

Marklin for Beginners

The best start for your Marklin journey is a starter set. Always a great value, starter sets have everything you need to get going - train, controller and track. After that you can continue expanding your setup with track extensions sets and/or a la cart individual track pieces.  

But before embarking on extending your track, it is a good idea to get familiar with Marklin C track geometry.

Tip: Track turnouts (points) can be digitized so you can control them directly from your Marklin digital controller.

Watch this video to learn how to proceed.