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Central Station 3 Update - 12/1/2023

The new software version is 2.5.1(0). Click on the link below to be taken to the CS3 Updates page on the Märklin website.

Software-Updates CS3 / CS3plus

From keeping your track clean to lighting kit installation, from converting analog engines to understanding digital decoders, from basic digital operations to advanced digital control - there is a lot to know and a lot to learn. Lucky for us "digital dudes" Curtis and Rick from Marklin Inc. have been publishing newsletters and running webinars on all topics Marklin with emphasis on all matters digital .

It is a treasure trove of very useful information - stuff you didn't know you didn't know, or didn't know is possible.

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In this issue, Rick covers the topic of programming a decoder with a Central Station 2 or 3/3+ and Curtis shares a beginner's equipment guide towards Central Station events.

 In this issue, Rick covers the topic of a default address for a locomotive with an mfx decoder, and Curtis explains wireless connections with Central and Mobile Stations


In this issue, the first article covers the basics of the new WLAN Mobile Station and the second is an overview of system accessories for a layout.

In this issue, our first article is about grade when ascending or descending to another level of a layout, and our second article is about programming a shuttle route into a CS3.

35-5  September 2023

 In this issue, Rick talks about the history of some of his favorite Märklin accessories while Curtis revisits the layout from the May/June 2023 Märklin Digital Newsletter.

35-4  August 2023

In this issue, Rick has a fun article the history of the Märklin Digital Rail Cranes and Curtis explains Setting Up a Layout for Event Automation

35- June 2023

In this issue, Rick discusses how to do more difficult conversions turning an analog engine into digital, and Curtis covers the topic of signals and semaphores.

35-2  March 2023

In this issue, Rick discusses older Märklin cranes, which fall into the category of digital accessories, and how to control them with modern controllers, and Curtis covers the topic of Event Controls in a Layout Merge or Split.

35-1  January 2023


In this issue, Rick talks about uploading custom sounds onto a Märklin Sound Decoder (mSD/3 decoder) and Curtis explains Setups for Yard/Depot Constructs

34-6  November 2022

Rick takes a deeper dive into controlling the C-Track turntable with a Mobile Station 2 and Curtis takes a look at Controlling Contacts

34-5  September 2022

In this issue, Rick discusses controlling the C-Track turntable with a Mobile Station 2 and Curtis offers a Quick Guide to Marklin/Trix Track Plan software.

34-4  August 2022

Rick discusses how to stop a train with a signal and a brake module and Curtis explains the Central Station 3/3+ Block Macro

34-3  June 2022

In this issue, Rick covers the many avenues of wheel cleaning and Curtis explains what is needed to track and animate locomotives.

34-2 March 2022

Rick’s article conquers how to convert a couple of early Märklin models and Curtis’ covers tips and tricks on updating your Central Station 2

34-1Jan, Feb 2022


Common Questions to Ask when Troubleshooting Your


Creating an Events Legend for Tracking Your Events

33-1Jan, Feb 2021 

A Guide to Track Cleaning

Using A Digital Multimeter for Testing Your Track

33-2Mar, Apr 2021

Lighting Passenger Cars

Connections for Track Power 

33-3 May, June 2021

Using M83’s with Older Components

33-4 July, Aug 2021

Installing the C-Track Turntable (47861) in a CS2

Comparing Event Programming Between CS2’s and CS3’s 

33-5 Sep, Aug 2021

Basic Function Mapping with a CS3/3+

C-Track Geometry, In Depth 

33-6 Nov, Dec 2021


Understanding Marklin Signals: Light Signals

Creating Central Station 3/3+ Events with Macros: The

Macro IF

32-1 Jan, Feb 2020

Understanding Marklin Signals: Semaphores

Marklin’s mDecoderTool3 Software Revisited

32-2 Mar, Apr 2020

Marklin Color Schemes: Wires and Plugs

Central Station 3/3+ Running the Macro LOOP

 32-3 May, June 2020

Marklin Parts: Sliders 

Connecting a CS3 AND a CS3+ to a Single Layout

32-4 July, Aug 2020

Marklin Production Dates

Programming a Cross-Traffic Depot Station Bypass Track

(Basic to Advanced)

 32-5 Sept, Oct 2020

Hacking a Track Power Indicator. Serials.

Thinking Through the Challenges of Automating a Depot


32-6 Nov, Dec 2020


Repairing a 74490 Turnout Motor

31-1Jan, Feb 2019

Automatic Routing for Mobile Stations, Pt.1

Addendum to mFX Article in Vol. 31 – 1. 

31-2Mar, Apr 2019

How to set up S88s in the Central Station

Automatic Routing for Mobile Stations, Pt.2

31-3May, June 2019

Choosing an S88 (S88 link, S88 AC, S88 DC) 31-3

M84 In Depth Review

31-4 July, Aug 2019 

M84 Settings in the CS2

31-5Sept, Oct 2019

Custom CS3 Icons

Understanding CV charts in the Marklin Decoder Manuals

31-6Nov, Dec 2019


How to set up S88s in the Central Station

Advanced programming and sensor tactics: Multi-Line

Shuttle setup, Event Nesting. Multi-train setup. Passing

Line setup

30-1Jan, Feb 2018

Locomotive Maintenance

M84 (60841-60842) and hookup with track lights, stop

blocks and constant power accessories

30-2Mar, Apr 2018

Marklin Motors – Overview of the various types of

motors and upgrades.

Staging Yards – Variation of Sensor Control. Comparison

against base method.

30-3May, June 2018

Grade Crossing Modification for #7292M Model Grade


Connecting your CS3 to a computer

30-4July, Aug 2018

New Grade Crossing 9212 and connection with an M84

Details on CS3 Software Update V 1.3.3(1). Highlights

new advanced Script/Event features

30-5Sept, Oct 2018

Replacing signal post on Marklin Grade Crossing.

Creates a 3-line to 1-line shuttle track. Introduction to

new event step conditions installed in 1.2.2.(1) update. In

depth look at event nesting.

30-6Nov, Dec 2018


Digital Upgrade – Serie Ae 3/6II Lok

Central Stations 2/3/3+ Master/Slave Connections

29-1Jan, Feb 2017

Digital Upgrade w/sound – Austrian Krokodile

Line Merging – Pt1, deals with Branch Lines 

29-2Mar, Apr 2017

Steam Locomotive Upgrade

M83 – An in Depth Look, Part 1 

29-3 May, June 2017

Locomotive Upgrade – Adding an Auxiliary Function

M83 – An in Depth Look, Part 2 

29-4 July, Aug 2017

Marklin mDecoder Tool, Pt 1 – mDT3 Decoder tool 

CS3 Creating Track Board Plans  

29-5Sept, Oct 2017 

Marklin mDecoder Tool, Pt 2 – mDT3 Decoder tool

Practical Track Events and Sensor Use 

29-6Nov, Dec 2017 


Central Station Basics – Locomotives

Memory Scripting Events Part 1

28-1Jan, Feb 2016

mFX Locomotives "Not Found"

Basics – Digital Decoders

Distance Signal Update

Memory Scripting Events Part 2

28-2Mar, Apr 2016

Mobile Station 2 & 3 (Pt 1) 

Troubleshooting and Entering Locomotives 

Layout – Blocks, Signals and Braking Modules   

28-3May, June 2016

Mobile Station 2 & 3 (Pt 2) 

28-4July, Aug 2016 

Turnout motor and decoder installation 

Automating Passing Lines   

28-5Sept, Oct 2017

Modifications – Big Boy Lights to White 

CS3 Updating 

CS3 Transferring Data from a CS2    

28-6Nov, Dec 2016


How to install custom icons in the Central Station 2.

Track planning your layout for digital automation

27–1July, Aug 2015

MFX signal setup and features

Wiring – Track Sensors

Wiring – S88 & L88 Feedback Modules

27–2Sept, Oct 2015

Central Station 2 overview and setup

Updating the Central Station 2

Automation, Layout & Memory pages

27–3Nov, Dec 2015