Roco HO 10892 8-pole sound decoder (NEM 652)

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  • Roco HO 10892 8-pole sound decoder (NEM 652)
  • Roco HO 10892 8-pole sound decoder (NEM 652)
8-pole wires + plug-Sound Decoder (NEM 652), rückmeldefahig.

Sound decoder with wires and 8-pin connector; updatable; Multi-protocol operation possible; Motor control; Support of braking distances; Programmable locomotive addresses; NMRA-compatible; comfortable change of operation parameters which means the locomotive does not open; Overcurrent protection; RailCom **

Technical data of the decoder:
DCC + Railcom, DC analog, MM, AC Analog
Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 4 mm
0.8 A motor, total (peak 1.5A)
6 function outputs
2 logic level Asugänge for other functions, servo control or SUSI
1 Watt Audio, 8 Ohm, 32 Mbit, 6 channels

** RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz GmbH, Giessen

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System: 2 Rail DC
Sound: n/a
Country: n/a
Era: n/a
Railroad: n/a
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