Piko HO 97448 SP KM4000 Diesel 9002 As-Delivered Sound DCC

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  • Piko HO 97448 SP KM4000 Diesel 9002 As-Delivered  Sound DC 2023 New Item
  • Piko HO 97448 SP KM4000 Diesel 9002 As-Delivered  Sound DC 2023 New Item

GER: Sound diesel locomotive SP 9002 "Ursprung", including PIKO sound decoder

Novelty 2023: The new construction by PIKO represents the first three locomotives delivered to the Southern Pacific Railway and perfectly reproduces their original condition in 1:87 scale. The distinctive shape of the locomotive has been perfectly transferred to the model and numerous, attached parts, flush-fitting, crystal-clear slides as well as fine engravings testify to the highest attention to detail. The prototypical painting in grey and red as well as the pin sharp printing round off the appearance of the model. The powerful engine in combination with the perfectly balanced flywheel masses ensures smooth running of the machine. The various light functions are designed in state-of-the-art LED technology and can be easily switched digitally with the help of a suitable decoder. The sound versions are factory-equipped with a sound decoder and matching loudspeaker. The locomotives do not have an NEM coupling shaft.


Item number: 97448
EAN: 4015615974482
Sound yes/no: and
type of current: Direct current
era: III
kind of measurement: LüP / length via buffer
measurement: 231
minimum radius: 358
digital interface: NO 658 PluX22
Built-in decoder: PluX22 Sounddecoder
Sound: PIKO sound decoder equipped at the factory
directional lights: The light changes white/red depending on the direction of travel
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System: DC
Sound: Y
Country: USA
Era: Sound
Railroad: SP
EAN: 4015615974482
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