NOCH Z 87005 "Interlaken" Unfinished Layout 29.5" x 20" x 5.2"

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This is the same board used in NOCH's deluxe Z gauge briefcase layout "Interlaken".

Made of structured hard foam,

It’s Snowing and Snowing!

The Preformed Layout “Interlaken” is suitable for Z gauge (1:220 scale). The diorama, made of structured hard foam, pre-painted and covered with snow, is a real eyecatcher! The appropriate Laser-Cut Kits for bridges and avalanche barriers are included. The track plan for the preformed layout is also included.

The winter landscape makes the hearts of all winter fans beat faster! Because the trains on the beautiful “Interlaken” preformed layout make their rounds independently of each other on two railway circuits. A village deep in snow can be built in the centre of this pretty little Z-gauge layout. The romantic route leads over an imposing viaduct and under an avalanche barrier.

Also available: Completely finished "Meran" board, ready to run trains.

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