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  • Marklin HO 74613 C-Track -- Curved Ramp - 14-3/16  36cm
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Marklin HO 74613 C-Track -- Curved Ramp - 14-3/16 36cm

System: 3 Rail AC

Sound: n/a

Country: n/a

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Railroad: n/a

EAN: 4001883746135

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[table cellspacing=\'0\' cellpadding=\'0\' border=\'0\'][tr][td valign=\'middle\'][br]Radius 360 mm / 14-3/16". Curve 30°. Width 64 mm / 1-5/16". For R1 radius C track curved sections. One ramp section is the same length as the 24130 track section.[br][br][br][i]The bridge program with the look of steel girders takes C Track into the third dimension. Ramps, approaches and overpasses can be built systematically with these sturdy briges and ramps and the proven 7250 to 7253 pillars. The C Track lies in the bridge and can be slid back and forth, thus enabling you to have a custom installation of the bridges on a layout. The width of the bridges takes into account parallel approaches even in the track spacing used by the wide radius turnout geometry of 64.3 mm / 2-9/16". Suitable bases are available for catenary masts and color lights located in the bridge area.[/i][br][br][br][/td] [/tr][/table]