Marklin HO 74470 C-Track -- Turnout Lantern

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  • Marklin HO 74470 C-Track -- Turnout Lantern
  • Marklin HO 74470 C-Track -- Turnout Lantern

For retrofitting 2 C Track turnouts. The turnout lanterns can be used right, left or three-way turnouts. They can be used with a manual hand lever and/or with the 74491 electric turnout mechanism. The lights for the lanterns are maintenance-free LEDs.

Turnout lanterns with LED lights. All of the C Track turnouts, with manual hand levers or electric turnout mechanisms, conventionally or digitally controlled, can be equipped with lighted turnout lanterns. The installation procedure is simple; the light insert also fits into the permanent lantern on the double slip switch. Maintenance-free miniature LED's make it possible to have a scale size for the lanterns. Note: A permanent lantern with prototypical lighting is already built into the 24624 double slip switch.

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System: 3 Rail AC
Sound: n/a
Country: n/a
Era: n/a
Railroad: n/a
EAN: 4001883744704
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