Marklin HO 72021 Current Carrying Coupling

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  • Marklin HO 72021 Current Carrying Coupling
  • Marklin HO 72021 Current Carrying Coupling

[table cellspacing=\'0\' cellpadding=\'0\' border=\'0\'][tr][td valign=\'middle\'][br]Operating close coupler with single-pole electrical connection for lighted passenger cars. This coupler can be used for cars with the lengths 26.4 cm / 10-3/8\', 27 cm / 10-5/8\', and 28.2 cm / 11-1/8\' that are ready for lighting kits. These couplers can be used when you are installing the 73400 lighting kit. One car in the consist requires a 73404, 73406, or 73406 pickup shoe. Contents: 2 close couplers for standard coupler pockets with contacts, 2 sets of contacts for the coupler shafts, 1 ground spring for the truck, 2 wires for connections, and instructions are included. You have reliable connections with snap-in contacts. You can couple and uncouple a car with this coupler manually on a layout; these couplers will also couple with regular close couplers without electrical contacts.[br][br][br][br][br][/td]

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System: 3 Rail AC
Sound: n/a
Country: n/a
Era: n/a
Railroad: n/a
EAN: 4001883720210
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