LGB G 36820 D&S Passenger Car 2021 New Item

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  • LGB G 36820 D&S Passenger Car 2021 New Item
  • LGB G 36820 D&S Passenger Car 2021 New Item
D&S RR Passenger Car
This is a model of the Prospector old-timer passenger car for the Durango & Silverton Railroad in the dark red paint scheme. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The doors can be opened, and the car has a complete interior. It also has metal wheelsets. Length 49 cm / 19-1/4.
The Durango & Silverton Railroad is world famous and runs in the mountains of Colorado. This line was operated until the Seventies by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. It was then sold and it continued to be run as a pure tourist railroad. Although it is a narrow gauge railroad with a gauge of 3 feet (914 mm), the locomotives and cars do not need to shy away from a comparison with European standard gauge locomotives and cars. Trains with up to 10 of the famous yellow old-timer cars are the rule rather than the exception. These cars are also in dark red and dark green paint schemes – chiefly for special services and historic trains. The dark red cars also have a name in in addition to the car number.

A beautiful Durango & Silverton Railroad train can be modelled with the 20283 “Mogul” steam locomotive to go with the 36808 and 30261 cars.

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