LGB G 36600 Amtrak Baggage Car

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  • LGB G 36600 Amtrak Baggage Car Phase I 2021 New Item
  • LGB G 36600 Amtrak Baggage Car Phase I 2021 New Item
Amtrak Baggage Car
This is a model of a streamliner baggage car for the American passenger train company Amtrak. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era IV. The car has a factory-installed complete interior and interior lighting. It also has metal wheelsets, 2 of them ball bearing wheelsets for current pickup. Length 76 cm / 29-15/16.
At its founding in 1971, Amtrak took over a variety of types of express train passenger cars from the predecessor railroads so that many trains were assembled from all kinds of cars. Naturally, an attempt was made at least with the great express trains to reach a relatively unified look in which mostly the same types of cars were used. However, even with an externally uniform look all kinds of car types were assigned in such a train – starting with standard coaches to baggage cars as well as a dining car, there was one or several vista dome cars – and finally at the end of the train the observation car with its observation salon. Even if the great luxury of the predecessor trains was already history, a part of it lived on with these cars – at least in the long distance trains.

The locomotives to go with this car are available under item numbers 21580, 21581, and 21582. A typical express train from Era IV – such as the famous Sunset Limited – can be made with the other new Amtrak cars.

Special series for the anniversary 50 Years of Amtrak.

Metal wheelsets and interior lighting with LEDs

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