ALBERT MODELL HO AM245034 Hbbillns TWA Sliding Wall Cart, Ep.VI, Graffiti Edition Novelty 2022

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Prototype: TWA/AAE/SBB Hbbillns sliding car car, epoch VI, "ORF" spray-painted on both sides.


Much to the annoyance of the railways, thousands of wagons and locomotives are covered with graffiti every year - but you have to admit that there are always motifs that make you smile or think.

Numerous SBB and TWA type Hbbillns sliding wall wagons have been decorated with a series of large-scale motifs. With the series "Future is Luxury" various motifs were created to do with capitalism, the refugee crisis and so-called First World Problems. When spraying the "Wholecars" all address fields are deliberately left blank by the artist, which increases the chance that the graffiti will not be removed.

These ALBERT MODELL Graffiti Edition wagons are true work of art on wheels.
Wall wagon is absolutely authentic and true to the original on both sides.

Limited and exclusive edition for Lemke Collection.

Manufacturer: ALBERT MODELL
Article-No.: AM245034
EAN: 2000003932498
Gauge: H0
Railway Company: Private
Era: VI
Power system: DC
Length over buffer: 176 mm
Coupler: Shaft NEM 362 with KK kinematics
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System: DC
Country: Switzerland
Era: VI
Railroad: SBB
EAN: 2000003932498
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