Trix HO 66718 Lighting kit for Trix H0 cars

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  • Trix N 66718 Lighting Kit w/White LED
  • Trix N 66718 Lighting Kit w/White LED
2 universal circuit boards with several white LEDs to fit in most of the four-axle passenger cars in the TRIX H0 program. Both boards can be plugged into one another or shortened, depending on the length of the car. Mounting hardware is included. Two pickup springs for electrical connections.

The 66718 lighting kit (white light for more modern cars) and the 66719 lighting kit (softer light for earlier eras) are technically interchangeable.

This lighting kit fits in the new generation passenger cars with a length over the buffers of 282 mm / 11-1/8.Fits in all version of the Schürzenwagen / skirted passenger cars, Langenschwalbach, and Swiss lightweight steel cars.
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System: DC
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