Roco HO 42615 Turntable 22m, Roco Line

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  • Roco HO 42615 Turntable                 22m, Roco Line
  • Roco HO 42615 Turntable                 22m, Roco Line
Turntable with electric underfloor drive and control unit suitable for all NEM (European standards Model Railways) standard-compliant two-wire DC railways and for 3 - wire AC railways. Stage length 253 mm, which corresponds to 22 meters with the prototype. , the minimum angle between two track disposals is 9 degrees. Filler with the turntable are divisions of 1 °, 3 °, 6 ° and 9 °. Thus, in 1 ° increments of 9 ° up any division between the track disposal is possible. maximum of 40 track exits are used. The hub is attached to four track exits for 2L =. Additional track exits are available as accessories (42616, content: four 2L = track exits). available set the hub to a center conductor - AC train be used, so the dealer replaced the purchase of the turntable the enclosed original packing 2L = track exits against a pack of 3L ~ track exits (42617, content: three 3L ~ track exits) around. stage The drive operates with a supply voltage of 14 V ~. The driving power is supplied depending on the system used with AC or DC power. The turntable is supplied with a control unit, with the selected direction of rotation and the rotation is started. If the hub switch is released, the hub maintains precisely at the next track finish. Technically, the hub for a pre-selection control, which allows a direct selection of the desired departure track is prepared. Like the prototype even when ROCO model, two rotational speeds can be selected. The driving current is supplied to the rotating stage. The driving power supply to the track exits can be assigned to the control unit. This avoids setting off that two opposite track disposals suggested parked locomotive accident. A 1 m five pin cable (transformer - control unit) and a 2-meter eight-pole cable (control unit - the hub) will be. Dimensions: Required cutout: 280 mm; measured depth of table top: 50 mm outside diameter of the hub without track exits: 307 mm; Stage length: 253 mm, suitable for all engines up to a Gesamtachsstand of 250 mm.

General data
Switchable smoke generator   no
separate etched plates   no
Controlled pantographs   no
Controlled doors   no
Controlled covering hoods   no
Track system   RocoLine
Switchable interior lighting   no
Switchable light change   no
Additional light function   no
Train tail lighting   no
Sound   no
Decoder with load control   no
Decoder without load control   no

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System: 2 Rail DC
Sound: n/a
Country: Germany
Era: III
Railroad: DB
EAN: 9005033426156
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