Roco HO 10822 Digital control center Z21® USA

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  • Roco HO 10822 Digital control center Z21® USA
  • Roco HO 10822 Digital control center Z21® USA

Digital central Z21 included: - Digital central Z21 - Pre-configured wireless router for plug and play use - Efficient Switching Power Supply with NEMA plug Features: - Intuitive operation for beginners and professionals, controlling the Model locomotives using virtual photorealistic cabs of different vehicle types - Efficient management of large fleets - Open multi-protocol Station for DCC and Motorola � formats - upgrade for existing digital assets through backward compatibility, such as multi-mouse - switch turnouts and magnetic accessories - Automatic locomotive application and feedback, for example, the actual speed and switch position via RailCom � - decoder update option for software and sound for Zimo sound decoder - Plug and Play - Plug and play! - Easily connect smartphone through pre-configured wireless router ports: - 3 times X bus - the main track for DCC and Motorola, 3A, back reportable - separate programming track: for programming, decoder update, sound programming, back reportable - Booster bus for Roco booster 10765 - Roco-feedback for Roco feedback module 10787 - LAN bus, prepared CAN bus & LocoNet Bus Z21 dimensions: 207mm x 146mm x 37mm. Dimensions router. 174mm x 144mm x 30mm The rear connector terminal P3, 5 2p (No. 96321) can be ordered as a spare part in the ET shop.

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System: 2 Rail DC
Sound: n/a
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Era: n/a
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EAN: 9005033108229
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