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  • Marklin HO 74994 Rail Joiners -- C-Track pkg(25)
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Marklin HO 74994 Rail Joiners -- C-Track pkg(25)

System: 3 Rail AC

Sound: n/a

Country: n/a

Era: n/a

Railroad: n/a

EAN: 4001883749945

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[table cellspacing=\'0\' cellpadding=\'0\' border=\'0\'][tr][td valign=\'middle\'][br][b]Contents:[/b] 24 rail joiners. These are for connecting the rails at the joints of cut sections of C Track. This provides a mechanical joint and a ground contact for the rails.[br][br][br][br][b] The affected center conductor feeder connection tongues in the cut sections of track should be connected by means of the 74995 spade connectors and a length of wire to provide an electrical connection.[/b][br][br][/td]