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  • Marklin HO 72730 On-Off Controler Box
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Marklin HO 72730 On-Off Controler Box

System: 3 Rail AC

Sound: n/a

Country: n/a

Era: n/a

Railroad: n/a

EAN: 4001883727301

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[table cellspacing=\'0\' cellpadding=\'0\' border=\'0\'][tr][td valign=\'middle\'][br]This control box is for turning 4 different track or accessory circuits on and off. For example, power can be controlled in 4 storage sidings in 4 different track circuits. Unit comes with 8 sockets on the back. All of the connections are for the new plugs from the 71400 sets. 8 appropriate plugs included. Dimensions 80 x 40 mm / 3-1/8\' x 1-9/16\'.[br][b]Highlights:[/b][ul][li]All of the connections on this control box have the new plugs and sockets. [li]Plugs to work with this control box are included. [li]This control box works in the same manner as the 7273 control box.[/ul][br][br][br][br][/td]