Marklin 1 59080 Turnout Decoder

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  • Marklin 1 59080 Turnout Decoder
  • Marklin 1 59080 Turnout Decoder
[table cellspacing=\'0\' cellpadding=\'0\' border=\'0\'][tr][td valign=\'middle\'][br]This decoder is designed for used with the 59079 turnout mechanism and can be used for digital control of a turnout. This turnout decoder can have its own address assigned to it (252 addresses). This turnout decoder can be used in the Motorola and the DCC format. The switching direction can be inverted (swapped) as desired. This decoder can be programmed with the 60214 Central Station, the 6021 Control Unit and a Keyboard, or with controllers adhering to the NMRA DCC standard. Unfortunately, this decoder cannot be programmed with a 6020 Central Unit, the 60212 Central Station, or the 60213 Central Station. Dimensions 40 x 27.7 x 13 mm / 1-9/16" x 1" x 1/2". (H1032-1). [br][br][br][br][br][/td] [/tr][/table]
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System: 2 Rail DC
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