LGB G 28442 RhB Ge 4/4 II Electric Loco

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  • LGB G 28442 RhB Class Ge 4/4 II Electric Locomotive 2022 New Item
  • LGB G 28442 RhB Class Ge 4/4 II Electric Locomotive 2022 New Item
On the network of the Rhaetian Railroad it is the class Ge 4/4 II locomotives, which with their 2,300 horsepower and their maximum speed of 90 km/h / 56 mph have no problems pulling all kinds of trains. The first locomotive of this class was delivered to the RhB as early as 1973 – at that time still in the dark green paint scheme and with round headlights. Updated and converted several times – among other things, the locomotives were equipped with rectangular headlights – almost all of them are still in use. From commuter trains up to the Glacier Express, you can still experience these locomotives. Most of the locomotives in this class have a special paint scheme or promotional films applied to them. This model represents the original unit in the normal red paint scheme.
This is the Rhaetian Railroad class Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive, road number 623, in the standard red paint scheme. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. All 4 wheel sets are driven by two powerful Bühler motors. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions. The pantographs are powered by servomotors and can be controlled digitally. Length over the buffers 57 cm / 22-7/16.

Running sounds also work in analog operation.
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System: DC
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