ESU HO 50097 L.Net Converter to connect handheld throttles and feedback modules to ECoS

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The manifold possibilities of the ESU ECoS convinced many model railroaders so much that they would like to replace their existing digital system by ECoS. This turned out in the past often want a to be able to continue using the existing manual controls and feedback modules. During ECoSniffer input at least for manual control (in combination with the \'old\' command station) offered a solution, the feedback modules could not be integrated.

With the ESU L.Net converter we offer the possibility of manual control of the Company or Digitrax® Uhlenbrock® directly to the ECoS or Central Station 60212 \'Reloaded\' to connect. In addition, instrument modules or feedback modules can be meaningfully integrated and used in an ESU system. Since the aforementioned modules use the familiar Loconet® protocol for communication, implemented the L.Net converter called a Loconet ™ \'Master\' and translates the commands received there and sends them over the ECoSlink for ESU command station. What can the L.Net converter in practice? Hand controller

Using the converter, you can operate Loconet L.Net ™ compatible handhelds direct to your ECoS. The hand controller display here is always in sync with the ECoS. There is also no limitation on a data format. You can control any locomotives with DCC, Motorola, Selectrix or M4® data format, even if the hand controller alone it could not! When manual control known in Germany Daisy®-, Fred®- or ProfiBoss® come handhelds also into consideration such as DT400 or UT2 of Digitrax®. With the help of these L.Net Converter can be integrated into the ECoS-play operation. All the locomotives ECoS known, you can call the manual control or for easy Fred® Handregler the desired locomotive comfortably by the ECoS assign (\'Dispatcher\' function). The power supply can be carried out here directly by the L.Net converter, provided that the connected devices do not exceed a limit of 250mA. Turnout

Also Loconet ™ switch modules can be operated. For the ECoS in future it does not matter whether a switch or signal is driven by a conventional decoder or directly on Loconet ™ depends: There are the control commands transmitted in parallel on both systems.

Repeater Perhaps you used previously Loconet® feedback modules to track occupation. By L.Net Converter, you can easily continue to use these now. In ECoS use the contacts to trigger any driveways or commuter trains. Of course you can s88, use Loconet® and ECoSDetector feedback modules simultaneously. Thus, in such a mixing operation of systems can occur any electrical problems on your system, the converter is galvanically decoupled from L.Net LocoNet ™. Communication

Especially larger plants are operated PC based of. Often comes internally developed software used, which was originally designed for the Loconet ™. The switch to an ECoS with the innovative, object-based communication model is therefore stony. Again, the converter creates L.Net Remedy. Locomotive and turnout commands are henceforth promoted by the ECoS via the LocoNet ™ and can be read with the appropriate modules. With the intelligent ESU L.Net Converter you can finally replace your old headquarters completely by ECoS without much effort.
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