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  • Trix HO 24148 Car Set for T3, KPEV, Ep. I
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Trix HO 24148 Car Set for T3, KPEV, Ep. I

System: 2 Rail DC

Sound: n/a

Country: n/a

Era: n/a

Railroad: n/a

EAN: 4028106241482

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Prototype: Three different freight cars as a set from Era I. A Royal Prussian Railroad Administration (KPEV) type Gm boxcar, Kattowitz 18684. A two-axle insulated boxcar, used on the LBE, Lübeck-Büchen 600 011 P. A KPEV type Omk[u] gondola with a load of coal and with iron board walls, Cöln 64752. The cars look as they did around 1914.


  • All of the cars are individually packaged.

Product description

Model: The type Gm boxcar has no brakeman's cab or end reinforcements and is reddish brown. The beer car for the brewery "Ratzeburger Aktien-Brauerei" has a brakeman's cab and spoked wheels and is cream white. The gondola has a brakeman's cab and an insert of real scale-sized coal, and is reddish brown. Total length over the buffers approximately 30.5 cm / 12". AC wheelset for the beer car E700250, for the type Gm and Omk[u] E700150.