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  • Trix N 15077 Rebuild Cars Commuter Car Set
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Trix N 15077 Rebuild Cars Commuter Car Set

System: 2 Rail DC

Sound: N

Country: n/a

Era: IV

Railroad: DB

EAN: 4028106150777

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Rebuild Cars Commuter Car Set
Model: Both cars have a close coupler mechanism. They also have built-in LED interior lighting. The type BDyg Rebuild Car has LED marker lights and American style Swan Neck or Pennsylvania trucks. The type AByg Rebuild Car has Minden-Deutz Light trucks.Total length over the buffers 244 mm / 9-5/8.
Prototype: 2 different design German Federal Railroad (DB) commuter cars. Type AByg Rebuild Car, 1st/2nd class, and type BDyg Rebuild Car, 2nd class with a baggage area. The cars look as they did around 1981 in a chrome oxide green paint scheme.

New tooling.Both cars include LED interior lighting.Type BDyg includes marker lights.