Roco HO 10789 Z21®-Booster Adapter

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  • Roco HO 10789 Z21®-Booster Adapter
  • Roco HO 10789 Z21®-Booster Adapter
The booster adapter is used by up to 15 booster with the
Connect CDE interface on the booster to be able to. To the adapter
to supply power an X-Bus connection is provided. Status LEDs
show the 12V supply and an active CDE also has an amplifier on
the Adater about an overcurrent or short-circuit shutdown at the CDE output.
The booster-adapter can be used in the following centers:
Digital amplifier 10764, Multi-Center Pro and the little z21 as well as at the
large Z21.

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System: 2 Rail DC
Sound: n/a
Country: n/a
Era: n/a
Railroad: n/a
EAN: 9005033107895
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