Marklin Z 88807 Diesel Locomotive 218 497-6 DB AG FZI

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Press release about the Märklin/PIKO locomotive 218 497-6

Something very special is rolling toward model railroad enthusiasts. For the first time in history, there will be a prototype locomotive and corresponding models featuring the logos of the two well-known model railroad manufacturers Märklin and PIKO.

For this special reason, the managing director of Märklin, Mr. Wolfrad Bächle, and the PIKO owner, Dr. René F. Wilfer, met in Cottbus.
On the premises of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH (Train Maintenance - FZI), the presentation of a special locomotive in prototype and as models took place within the framework of a, for operational reasons, non-public event.
This newly presented locomotive is the diesel locomotive with the number 218 497-6.
For several decades, the class 218 characterized the rail image of the German Federal Railroad. Even after the rail reform of 1994, it was frequently seen on the DB AG Group's route network. Over the years, many machines have disappeared from active service.

The chosen prototype symbolizes the history of its new home at the Fahrzeuginstandhaltungs-Werk (FZI) in Cottbus, from steam locomotive overhaul to ICE maintenance in the future.
The special feature of locomotive 218 497-6 is its eye-catching special paint scheme, which was the result of a creative competition among FZI employees: Steam locomotive time - black, modern ICE time light gray with red band.

For the smallest gauge Z in 1:220 scale, a Märklin model will be released at a RRP of € 199.00.
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System: DC
Country: Germany
Railroad: Cottbus
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