Marklin HO 39810 Class RABe 501 Giruno High-Speed Rail Car Train 2022 New Item

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  • Marklin HO 39810 Class RABe 501 Giruno High-Speed Rail Car Train 2022 New Item
  • Marklin HO 39810 Class RABe 501 Giruno High-Speed Rail Car Train 2022 New Item

Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) EC 250 electric high-speed rail car train as the class RABe 501 "Giruno". 1 type A (Bt1) end car, 2nd class. 1 type F (B7) intermediate car, 2nd class, with handicapped entries and a pantograph. 1 type G (WR6) intermediate car, with a dining area. 1 type H (A5) intermediate car, 1st class, with handicapped entries and a pantograph. 1 type L (At2) end car, 1st class. In use as a multi-system powered rail car train between the Zürich Airport and Basle as well as across the Alps through the Gotthard Basis Tunnel to Milan. Permission planned for use in Germany and Austria. The train looks as it did in 2021.

Product description

Model: This is a 5-part basic set. The dining car G and the two intermediate cars F and H arranged on the left and right are coupled permanently to each other with Jakobs trucks. The train has an mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound and light functions. It also has controlled, high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel, centrally mounted in the dining car. All 4 axles in both Jakobs trucks on the left and right of the dining car are powered using cardan shafts. Traction tires. The cabs in the end cars have interior details. Current pickup is done from the end car at the front of the train and changes with the direction of travel. There is a guide mechanism in the Jakobs trucks. Triple headlights and dual red marker lights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The train can be switched to a white marker light (Swiss headlight / marker light code). There are additional separately controlled light functions. The train has factory-installed interior lighting. The interior lighting is supplied with power from a continuous electrical connection throughout the entire train. The cab and control desk lighting are also each controlled separately in digital operation. Maintenance-free warm white and red LEDs are used for all of the lighting. The pantographs on the F and H intermediate cars can each be raised and lowered separately as a digital function. The train is modelled true-to-scale. The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Length of the basic set approximately 112 cm / 44-1/8".

When the Gotthard Basis Tunnel was placed into service, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) announced internationally in the spring of 2012 the delivery of powered rail car trains with a maximum speed of 250 km/h / 156 mph. Eventually, the Swiss firm Stadler prevailed in April of 2014 with their concept SMILE (Schneller Mehrsystemfähiger Innovativer Leichter Expresszug / Fast Multisystem Innovative Lightweight Express Train), whereby Stadler built a high-speed train for the first time. The SBB ordered 29 eleven-part units of the new class RABe 501 for international service and assigned them the designation "Giruno" (derived from Rhaeto-Romanic "girùn" for "Buzzard"). The trains can run in four countries under three current systems (15 kilovolts / 16.7 Hertz; 25 kilovolts / 50 Hertz, and 3 kilovolts DC) and are equipped with the ETCS, PZB, LZB, and SCMT train safety systems for this. The "Giruno" is a 202 meter / 656 foot 6 inch long, single-level operationally permanent multi-unit train with Jakobs trucks. Only the end cars have normal trucks under their outer ends. Four Jakobs trucks are powered with three-phase, asynchronous motors, whereby the propulsion equipment is designed to be redundant with four traction rectifiers. An eleven-part class RABe 501 consists of four cars, 1st class, with 117 seats mostly in a 2+1 arrangement, a dining car, as well as six cars, 2nd class, with 288 seats in a 2+2- arrangement. The dining car as well as the two adjoining cars are constructed to meet handicapped requirements in order to satisfy the provisions of the Swiss handicapped access law. The "Giruno" has step-less entries for station platform heights of 55 cm / 22" and 76 cm / 30". Its pressure-resistant and air conditioned passenger areas and cab as well as the multifunction compartments and bicycle compartments in the passenger area set a new standard for comfortable travel by train. All of the passengers have a free view of the screens for the digital information system. In addition, cell phone signal boosters and WLAN are available in both classes. On May 10, 2021, the SBB took delivery of the last 29 trains. Since then they have TSI permission as well as network permission for Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria. Since December of 2019, they have run on regular schedules through the Gotthard Basis Tunnel and they connect Basle/Zürich with Chiasso and Lugano. Continuing runs to Italy to Milan started on August 12, 2020, since September in multiple unit operation too. In the next step, runs between Basle and Frankfurt/Main are planned. Also being considered by the SBB is the use of these new powered rail car trains in the direction of Hamburg.

Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2
Headlight(s) X X X X X
Interior lights X X X X X
Electric locomotive op. sounds X X X X X
Warning Sound X X X X X
Direct control X X X X X
Sound of squealing brakes off X X X X
Pantograph control X X X X
Light Function X X X X
Pantograph control X X X X
Station Announcements X X X
Station Announcements X X X
Long distance headlights X X X
Station Announcements X X X
Conductor's Whistle X X X
Doors Closing X X X
Train announcement X X X
Horn X
Light Function1 X
Train announcement X
Station Announcements X
Pantograph control X
Pantograph control X
Light Function 2 X
Engineer’s cab lighting X
Engineer’s cab lighting X
Light Function 3 X
"Switcher Double ""A"" Light" X
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System: 3 Rail AC
Sound: Y
Country: Switzerland
Era: VI
Railroad: SBB
EAN: 4001883398105
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