Faller HO 130820 Bran Castle 19.2" x 12.7" x 16.3" 2021 New Item

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  • Faller HO 130820 Bran Castle 2021 New Item
  • Faller HO 130820 Bran Castle 2021 New Item

490 x 325 x 415 mm
Limited-edition anniversary model for »75 Years of FALLER«

True to the original model of the Bran Castle built in the 14th century in the municipality of Bran in Transylvania, Romania as a fortification and later converted into a royal residence.

The multifaceted building arrangement of the castle with an irregular floor plan and an elaborate tiled roof landscape was created through multiple conversions and extensions over the centuries.

The inner courtyard with half-timbered elements is enclosed by the high, square main tower with pent roof and turret to the north, the main residential building with roof terrace and solid natural stone outer wall to the east, the gatehouse with guard house and large staircase to the castle, a protruding stair tower with a conical roof and an extension for the park access to the south and as a south-westerly end a battery tower with an attached round tower with a conical roof.

The model is equally suitable for installation as a hilltop or low castle.

The castle, which is now used as a museum, is closely linked to the legend of the vampire Count Dracula. According to myths, the historical figure Vlad III, at the time ruler of the Principality of Wallachia and possibly the inspiration for Bram Stoker's famous fictional character, used the castle as his home.

This building kit contains: 1102 single parts in 11 colors, window parts, 11 paper masks and 1 construction instruction.
Use FALLER EXPERT plastic glue for handicrafts.


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