ESU HO 50011 ECoSBoost ext. booster, 8A, MM/DCC/SX/M4 , set including power supply 120-240V, EURO + US, Manual German / English

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  • ESU HO 50011  ECoSBoost ext. booster, 8A, MM/DCC/SX/M4 , set including power supply 120-240V, EURO + US, Manual German / English
  • ESU HO 50011  ECoSBoost ext. booster, 8A, MM/DCC/SX/M4 , set including power supply 120-240V, EURO + US, Manual German / English

Note: The booster may not be used in H0 systems. Indispensable component of any large model railroad are amplifiers (also called \'Booster\'): If the power consumption of all your moving trains including their functions, the lighting of the cars and functional models larger than the maximum current can be supplied by the Center, you must your system be divided into several blocks, which are each supplied by its own booster. For precisely this task of ECoSBoost is intended: It is perfectly matched to the use with our ESU ECoS or the Marklin Central Station. Modes The ECoSBoost is connected directly to the socket ECoSlink headquarters and obtaining from there its control signals. He is in principle in a position to reinforce the DCC, Motorola, Selectrix and mfx and delivering to the track. Which data format is output in each individual case depends solely on the headquarters and their skills used: connected to an ESU ECoS booster therefore DCC, Motorola and Selectrix will be able to process it while in combination with a Marklin Central Station whose data formats reinforce Motorola or mfx and can output. All ECoSBoost automatically thanks to \'Plug & Play\' included in the list of external ECoSlink devices and can be controlled and configured centrally on the ECoS display. The configuration and monitoring Each ECoSBoost is comfortably directly by the ECoS: For each amplifier, you can individually set the maximum permissible output current. In addition, you can display the current power consumption of each booster, to find out how much \'reserves\' you still got. Extremely sensible is also the possibility to adjust separately for each ECoSBoost whether it should be switched off at a system short-circuit with or not: If you have connected, for example, your turnout decoders on a separate ECoSBoost, the course can still be switched reliably in case of a track short , Confirmation A ECoSBoost can do more than just the driving power amplify and output: Everyone has serienmaßig a return function (Global Detector) for the NMRA Bidirectional Communication (RailCom) installed. Once the appropriate DCC standard is adopted, to report back with its help, appropriately equipped locos information to the ECoS. This is very helpful for determining the position of locomotives or to read out the locomotive data. The data read from ECoSBoost be transmitted over the high speed bus ECoSlink for further processing to ECoS. Operated on a Marklin Central Station, the ECoSBoost mastered a similar function: therefore all supplied from ECoSBoost mfx locomotives behave exactly as the operation directly to the central station and be able to log selbstverstandlich or transfer configuration Sande stanchions. Protection Each ECoSBoost met selbstverstandlich the safety requirements and conditions for the model railway operation: The rail output is also protected against overload and against short circuits. Selbstverstandlich ECoSBoost can between a \'real\' short-circuit and a momentary current drain when passing over switches or gaps differing future installed the operating software of the integrated in each ECoSBoost microcontroller can be selbstverstandlich updated as needed, and expanded to include additional functions: done what is necessary to \'update\' at supplies fully automatically by the ECoS. You need this to worry about anything! In this way your ECoSBoost is always on the current state of technology. Scope of supply: Märklin® with 8.0 A output power supply 19 V / 9,5 A (180 VA) Terminals for siding Detailed instruction manual

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